SlashGear’s Product Review Rundown 2012

Chris Burns - Dec 31, 2012
SlashGear’s Product Review Rundown 2012

This year SlashGear had 292 product reviews over the 12 months that began with January 2012 with subject matter ranging from smartphones to automobiles, with accessories, computers, and some lovely stand-out apps sprinkled in-between. We’d like to express our extreme gratitude to the PR groups, manufacturers, developers, and every other individual responsible for helping us work with the products and services we need to show you, the readers. Have a peek at what we’ve explored in detail this year!

The most massive category for us this year was Accessory Reviews by a rather sizable margin. With 68 audio products, device cases, power units, and oddities galore, we’ve been working with a set of the coolest tiny (and sometimes massive) products that either assist you in working with your much more expensive products or stand alone as amazing products on their own! One category that broke out this year was Storage Reviews, another was Camera Reviews – never again will we categorize these items as accessories on their own!


The mobile sector continues to bust out as a massively review-friendly sector with Phone Reviews and Tablet Reviews being two more of our largest categories. Every single phone in the phone category was a smartphone, of course, and our total hit 61 while the number of Tablet Reviews we knocked out was a solid 26.


We worked with 20 lovely Laptop Reviews in 2012 while our Desktop Reviews numbered up to 16. In the Software Reviews section we’ve got our epic Windows 8 review as well as 19 other bits of excellent software. This section crosses over into the iOS Review section which this year had a whopping 39 entries on its own.


Another new category for us this year was Sci-fi Movie Reviews with 5 hot-hitting entries. We’re getting into the Entertainment industry with movies galore, too, with not just movies but beasts in gadgety with 14 eye-melting Entertainment Reviews. Another cross-over category this year was Gaming Reviews with a cool 14 entries.


Then one of the most exciting new spaces we’ve got is Car Reviews which stems from our brand new Car Portal – expect one whole heck of a lot more automotive action in 2013 as well!


This year the authors with the most units reviewed through the 12-month period were Chris Davies with 22 reviews, Vincent Nguyen with 28 reviews, and Chris Burns with 178 reviews. In addition to thanking the PR groups, manufacturers, and developers this year, we’d like to thank you, the readers, for making it possible for us to get our hands on these wonderful products so that we might show you what they’re all about.

What we’d like to ask you at this point is what you thought about our reviews this year and what you think we could do better in 2013 – did we leave anything out? Are there products or services you’d like us to cover more extensively in the future? Let us know!

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