SlashGear’s Apple event liveblog starts here at 10AM PST

Chris Burns - Oct 22, 2012
SlashGear’s Apple event liveblog starts here at 10AM PST

With an iPad mini, refreshes of several other devices in smaller forms, and an updated software build quite likely in the wings, our [live update feed] (otherwise known as a liveblog) will be running rampant with colors galore. You can tune in on the Apple event starting at 10AM PST on October 23rd (thats Tuesday), and we’ll have already started updates earlier in the morning right here in the SlashGear main news feed. This event promises to be a doozy with “We’ve got a little more to show you” as Apple’s chosen tagline – miniature everything!

The Apple announcement for this event has many guessing that additional rainbow colors are coming to the Apple universe, but past examples of invites have shown colors regardless of the casing of the product. Also the iPod family has already brightened up once again at the iPhone 5 event, and the devices we’ll be seeing this week will much more likely be coming in any color you like – just so long as they’re black or white. Of course the aluminum family is set to get a bit denser too.

There’s likely going to be an announcement of availability for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, an iMac with a teardrop-shaped body, and an improved Mac mini. These will each be working together – and with the new iPad mini – in a collection of ways that Apple will surely outline in many magical ways. The iPad mini is, of course, going to be the star of the show no matter what, so it’s going to be all things miniature in a bit of a dance around the tablet release.

The timeline below this post will bring you some more insight on everything this event may very well contain, from hardware to software updates. This event has most recently been tipped to be bringing an education angle in on the iPad mini, with low costs and iBook updates for the students of the planet – we’ll have to see if this tip, like the rest, pan out soon!

Check out our giant Apple portal the whole event long as well!

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