SlashGear XOOM Contest Final Winner Announced!

Hooray, all the golden tickets have been found, and YOU are going to the chocolate factory!* *This of course is referring to the winners who've already been informed and the chocolate factory is of course a brand spanking new Motorola XOOM tablet wifi-only as provided by our awesome pals at NVIDIA. For those of you that do not know, NVIDIA provides the motor for this magical machine: a Tegra 2 dual-core processor for fine video game gaming and super-speedy everything else. Would you like to know who the final winner of this contest is already? Just glance below, your eyes shall not fool you.

Yes, David Cornier-Chevere, it is you. You lucky, lucky college graduate. Let me tell you all a story about how awesome David's day has been today:

1. He won a XOOM.

2. He graduated from college (literally, today.)

3. He had a great hair day.

Everyone else will have to continue brushing their hair until they have a great hair day and graduate from college and we have another contest with whatever tablet we've got on hand at that time. Oh wait, what's that you say? We've got another tablet contest going on right now? One where you could win a Galaxy Tab 10.1, one where you get to watch Vince and Ben rip open their Google I/O edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets and judge them on many elements?

WIN a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Judging our [Epic Unboxing War Number One!]

Check that out and win another amazing tablet! David, you're not allowed to win, you can only win one tablet. You won a XOOM. Enjoy it!