SlashGear Week in Review – Week 35 2008

Chris Davies - Aug 31, 2008

The biggest news this week has been coming out of IFA 2008, with SlashGear’s roving reporter there, Milena Glimbovski, sending back all the details of the hottest new hardware.  The netbook train shows no sign of slowing, with LG’s X110 and Fujitsu’s AMILO Mini Ui 3620 finally stepping out of the shadows and getting full announcements.  There’s too much good stuff to mention it all individually, so check out the IFA 2008 tag for SlashGear’s full coverage.

Every week, it seems, I point out that we leave the majority of cellphone news to our sibling sites, but we keep having some crossover as key products emerge.  This time it’s Android grabbing headlines, with the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) turning up in live photos and the Android Market download store confirmed, while HTC’s S740 tempted lovers of Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard.

We’ve not played with either of them, but I’d wager they’d both work well with BlueAnt’s V1 Voice Control Bluetooth headset, which we reviewed on Tuesday.  Talk about impressive – in fact, just talk to the V1 itself; BlueAnt’s voice recognition pushes the headset just ahead of Aliph’s Jawbone 2.

After weeks of teasing photos and rumored specs, Nikon’s D90 DSLR finally went official.  Check out the live photos and hands-on video here.  Nowhere near official, meanwhile, is Apple’s long-awaited MacBook Tablet, but lovers of touchscreen devices did get a tempting glimpse of the future from a fresh batch of MultiTouch patents.

Finally, given how much I know SlashGear readers love miniature helicopters, I can’t let the review go by without flagging up the Draganfly X6 UAV.  No toy, this one: made from carbon fiber and capable of up to 30mph, there’s a vibration-free mount that can take a HD camera or camcorder.  I can’t see them sending me one to review any time soon, but I can dream.

Monday September 1st is Labor Day in the US, and so we’ll be taking a break here on SlashGear.  See you on Tuesday!

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