SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: July 5th, 2012

This week we've had a fabulous holiday and are ramping up to see the barrage of updates that will pour out from tech groups across the USA in a glorious return to form. Meanwhile something undeniably important has happened – scientists working at CERN are 99.99997% (that's not just an estimate) sure that they've found the God Particle, aka Higgs boson. This discovery and nearly-proven theory has implications that will bring on a whole new era of scientific discovery, and it's happened in our lifetime! While everything else sort of pales in comparison to this news, you'll also want to see some of the more human-sized posts we've got up, including our Orange San Diego review.

Samsung has dropped a massive 75-inch television that'll cost you a pretty penny to own: just $17k! AT&T have announced the Motorola Atrix HD for the future greatness of the big M. Lenovo is reportedly meeting with Microsoft to create a custom-made Windows Phone for the very near future.

The rumor of an Apple-flavored Project Glass has come up again. The Google Nexus Q has had a teardown complete with nearly all USA-made components. Apple is being sued in China over Siri.

And in ultra-strange-and-amazingly-fun news, we've got Nokia showing off Gotham City in 3D for those of you waiting for The Dark Knight Rises. It's going to be amazing!