SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: March 14, 2012

Happy Wednesday, everyone. As we make our way past hump day today, let's take a look at what made news in the world of tech. For starters, don't be too disappointed, but AOL has decided to kill its instant messenger program as it refocuses its struggling brand. But flipping sides to companies that are doing well today, Verizon has confirmed that its 4G LTE will be in 400 markets by the end of the year. Quite an impressive target.Featured: Okay, so the dust from the new iPad announcement has finally settled down. We've taken a loot at the good and the bad, shown everything that an Apple fan or someone on the fence needs to know. So let's take a look at something else; something that does still exist even in the world of iPads and tablets – laptops. So check out our review of the Sony Vaio S-series 13.3-inch 2012 refresh.Windows 8, Mass Effect, and Olympic Wi-Fi: Hey, Windows 8 fans, check this out. With the new Metro interface in Microsoft's upcoming OS, the company is also updating Internet Explorer – Microsoft details Metro IE10 for Windows 8. Moving on to the gamers out there – Mass Effect 3 ending solidified by director. And finally, ending the day with some unique news, the London Tube is getting free WiFi for the Olympics. That's all for now. Check back tomorrow for all the major headlines summed up in a concise package.