London Tube getting free WiFi for the Olympics

London's underground subway system, also known as the Tube, will be getting WiFi installed in time for the summer when thousands of visitors are expected in the city for the Olympics. This means that visitors can stay connected to the internet for communicating with friends, checking email, or reading up on the latest news while using the London Tube for getting around the city.

Virgin Media has been selected by London Mayor Boris Johnson to provide the WiFi service in the city's Tube subway network. The WiFi service will be free to passengers during the Olympics, which starts July 27 and ends August 12. After that period, the WiFi service will be made available only as part of Virgin Media's broadband and mobile subscriptions.

WiFi will be introduced to 80 Tube stations before summer and deployed to 120 Tube stations by the end of the year, including several deep-level stations. This will be the first time that Tube passengers can stay connected while using the underground transportation system.

[via The Guardian]