SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: July 23, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone. Yeah, we all had to get back to that daily grind again this morning, but cheer up – we have some great tech news for you today. For starters – OS X Mountain Lion up-to-date application released, quickly disappears. Oh, and you have to love this one, whether or not you like the product involved – Googler proposes marriage with Nexus 7. And here's something for the gamers out there – Diablo III exploit makes wizard characters invincible.Featured: So in our category of featured articles today, we have some expert analysis and opinion about a couple of the new wave-making stories currently in the news cycle. We'll start with this column – Relax, Apple's new dock connector is a good thing. And moving on the opposite side of the software scale, we turn our attention to Apple in this next featured article – Is Microsoft's Windows $0.99 app omission madness, money, or moral?Nexus 7, iPhone 5, & Self-Cleaning Cars: And now as we wrap up the wrap-up, here are the rest of the big stories that went live on the site today. Another Nexus 7 story, not surprisingly – Nexus 7 gets smart covers for magnetic display sleep. And moving right along to the Nexus brand's biggest threat, Apple – Next iPhone sees unprecedented demand in advance of reveal. And finally, let's put the manufacturer back-and-forth to rest with this – New technology may make self-cleaning cars a reality.