Googler proposes marriage with Nexus 7

When it comes to promoting a new product, it really doesn't get much better than having someone use that product to initiate their marriage with their partner. That's what a Google employee by the name of Raj did with his new fiancé Aditi, giving her a Nexus 7 tablet pre-loaded with all of her favorite books, videos, photos, and songs. On top of all that, he pointed her toward a YouTube video (played on the tablet) that ultimately asked her to marry him – how cute!

The video he made was created with a series of photos which, though he doesn't specify, could very well have been made on the Nexus 7 as well. You'll find that the video is unusually sweet at the same time as it is quite cheesy – but what better way to usher in your newly solidified love than with a bit of romance? Have a peek at this strictly Google-coated pairing in action:

The music you're hearing is a piano/cello cover of "Without You" as played by The Piano Guys. This event is certainly not going to hurt the sales of this already sold-out device for Google as they move forward with production of second and third runs here in the summer of the device's birth.

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[via Nexus]