Nexus 7 gets smart covers for magnetic display sleep

One of the least-known features of the Google Nexus 7 tablet is its ability to work with a magnetic cover that'll shut its display off like a snap. This sort of feature exists in your laptop, you've got a similar situation in your iPad 2 and 3, and the technology has existed in many BlackBerry devices for some time now as well. Now the folks at MobileFun UK are showing off some brand new SD TabletWear cases with the Nexus 7 to show how you'll be utilizing the feature here on Google's first Nexus line tablet ever.

What you'll see is a couple of different cases being shown off, one of them a "stand and type" case, the other just a SmartCase. Both are made of reinforced materials so you wont have to worry about dropping, smashing, or bashing your equipment, and both are also available for sale now from the MobileFun UK online shop. Have a peek at the simplicity right here:

These cases are not unlike what we've seen in the past for the iPad ever since the iPad 2 was revealed to have a magnetic responsive casing. This sort of functionality will likely become the norm for most high-end mobile devices in the near future – expect it! Meanwhile have a peek at the most recent wave of Nexus 7 news flashes to see how well this beast is doing in the wild!