SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday, everyone. It's April 11 and it's time to take a look at the stories that made heads turn in the world of tech today. Or, at least, the stories that made eyes roll, like this – Verizon upgrade fee last to the party. Yep, now on all carriers you'll have to pay more to get the newest technology. Speaking of new technologies, LG Google TV 2.0 takes on future Apple TV this week. And in other Google news, Google+ refresh triggers social fury.Featured: We continue our coverage of Instagram and analyzing the site that became a billion-dollar megastar in the social world in a matter of months. Time time, we look at Four alternatives to Instagram. What is it that makes Instagram so amazingly appealing? Can anyone else do what it does? If the answer is yes, would Facebook really have paid $1 billion for it? Nevertheless, it's not wholly unique.Lumia, Military iPhones, & Retina Shortage: So in wrapping up the other big tech stories of today, IHS reveals Lumia 900's iPhone roots. Moving to another mobile platform, AT&T has begun unlocking iPhones for military personnel. And wrapping it up with more iNews, the new iPad is experiencing shipping backlogs due to a Retina Display shortage. Well that's about it for today, folks. Be sure to keep it tuned right here for the latest news and reviews.