Skype users talk about 2 billion minutes a day

Skype has just announced that its users have broken another milestone today. As of today, Skype says that all of its users use a total of 2 billion minutes a day to call their acquaintances, friends, and family members. That's one day. Now we can see why France wants to tax the VoIP service. Skype has come a long way since its debut, and is now available on almost any device with a screen. You can get it on your PC, Mac, iOS devices, Androids, Windows Phones, and even your TV.

Skype gives us a general idea of what someone can do in 2 billion minutes. It says that 2 billion minutes equals "33 million hours of people singing, laughing, joking, and staying in touch." It also equals 1,388,000 days, more than 3,805 years, spent on Skype in just a single day. You could travel to the moon and back over 225,000 times, or even walk around the Earth more than 845 times. There are many more examples Skype provides that shows us just how amazing 2 billion minutes spent on Skype means.

There is always something Skype is looking to add onto its service. Just a couple of months ago, Skype added a new video messaging feature to its service that lets users send personal video recordings to their friends. Users are only limited to 20 video messages, however, they can always upgrade to a premium Skype account to send an unlimited amount. That way, you can send as many 3-minute long videos to your friends as you want.

As of right now, Skype is focusing more on enhancing its service on the Windows Phone 8 platform. It has recently added HD Video calling to Windows Phone 8 devices and will integrate your Skype contacts into your device so that you can call or message them straight from the People Hub. You are able to send a quick instant message, or make a free VoIP call through WiFi or 3G. Skype is asking its users to tweet to it using the #2billion hashtag and telling it what they use their minutes for.

[via Skype]