Skylanders SWAP Force coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 12

The original Skylanders game from Activision was a surprise hit for the company and became one of the most popular video games for younger gamers on the market. The video game is interesting because it has something that connects to the console called the Portal. Players can place real life action figures onto the portal and they are digitally transferred into the video game. The latest game in the franchise called Skylanders SWAP Force.

This game is somewhat different than other entries in the franchise because SWAP Force has real world action figures where players console the top and bottom halves allowing them to customize their characters ability in the game. SWAP Force was announced back in February of this year and is currently available for most game consoles.

Activision has announced that it will be launching Skylanders SWAP Force in North America for the next generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles on November 12. Activision says that the game will be one of the few kid's games available on the next-generation video game consoles this year.

The game has 16 SWAP Force characters that can be combined to create 250 unique characters by swapping top and bottom halves of the figures. Next-generation console gamers will also be able to use the entire collection of over 100 characters from previous Skylanders games. Activision says the game runs in native full HD resolution on both next-generation consoles.

SOURCE: Skylander