Siri pours a beer with the help of Beeri

It's time to get real with iPhone 4S's Siri, ladies and gentlemen, finding the one truly important use for the voice assistant in an app by the name of Beeri. It is here that you'll finally, after all this time, be able to tell your iPhone to get a beer for you. Apple I can't believe you guys didn't think of this earlier! It's the greatest set of commands and execution in the history of computers – and beer!

What Beeri does is work with Siri to take in the command "pour me a beer," first of all. When Siri hears you ask for a beer in such a way, she sends a command to Beeri's Twitter account which then works with Beeri's onboard Arduino Uno w/Wi-fi shield. Are you lost yet? In this case, what this means thus far is that once you've spoken to your iPhone, there's some Twitter action that goes on that's then picked up by the physical machine representation of Beeri. Once your Beeri sees this command: beer time!

Have a look at this video to see how well it all works!

Once you've seen the video you'll be sure to have noted that the system still does have some kinks to work out, but the idea is definitely there! The RC truck you see in the video is the Beeri, this truck is rigged up with a circuit board that allows it to take commands like go, stop, and adjust. The truck also has two proximity detectors that tell it when its about to hit the puncture device and when to back up so that the beer can hit the hole. Sound alright to you? Easy stuff!

[via Beeri]