Sinclair X-1 electric bike channels classic C5

Chris Davies - Nov 4, 2010
Sinclair X-1 electric bike channels classic C5

Sinclair is best known for the classic ZX81 microcomputer, the barmy C5 mobility scooter, and the rucksack-friendly A-Bike, but British inventor Clive Sinclair isn’t done yet. His latest urban transport idea is the Sinclair X-1, a £595 ($968) battery-powered (but pedal-assisted) buggy with a large acrylic bubble.

The bubble provides some weather protection, but it also addresses one of the frequent criticisms of the C5 scooter, in that it was difficult to be seen while on the road since the C5 was so low to the ground. In contrast, the X-1 is 140cm high; there are also front and rear lights.

The real draw, though, is affordability. Sinclair Research reckons the X-1 can drive 10 miles for £0.10 (about sixteen cents), as long as you don’t mind helping out with some pedalling, though it’s not entirely clear how far the range is altogether. X-1 deliveries will kick off in July 2011.

[via The Register]

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