Shiny Pokemon GO watch weekend: Secrets of the Jungle

Starting at 10AM (local time) on the 1st of October (Friday), Pokemon GO gets a big switch of Pokemon. There'll be a Pokemon GO Secrets of the Jungle Event starting then at the same time as a brand new movie on Netflix. This event will celebrate the release of the movie (also called Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle) with the Pokemon GO debut of Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon to watch for

As is generally the case in Pokemon GO, we like to stay attuned to which wild spawn Pokemon are potentially Shiny Pokemon at any given point. During this event, the Pokemon you'll see most common that will NOT be Shiny are: Hoothoot, Combee, Drilbur, and Cottonee.

Potentially Shiny Pokemon include:

Safari Hat Pikachu








MEGA Gengar**

Roggenrola, Rufflet, Lickitung, Chansey, and Pinsir will be raid bosses during this event. They might also spawn in the wild, but you'll most likely see them as raid battle bosses. MEGA Gengar will definitely not be spawning in the wild, but he'll be in Mega Raids, and he'll have the potential to be shiny!

Other bonuses during Jungle event

During the Secrets of the Jungle event we'll also see some limited-time Special Research that'll result in a reward encounter with Zarude (the Rogue Monkey Pokemon). Jessie and James (Team Rocket, or Team GO Rocket if you like) will return to the game starting on the 1st, ending on October 15.

Also take some snapshots to find photobombs from these members of Team Rocket. And drop in the in-game shot to find some free gift boxes (and/or 1-coin boxes) during the event. There'll also be some free avatar items in the Style Shop including a Wailmer Water Bottle and an Adventure Hat.

The Secrets of the Jungle event in Pokemon GO begins on Friday, October 1, 2021 at 10AM local time. This event will last until Sunday, October 10, at 8PM local time – that's a whole week! Also take a peek at our big Pokemon GO October guide and party all month!