Shiny Pokemon GO watch list today: Party Hats, Balloons, Flying types

Starting today in Pokemon GO, here on July 3, 2020, there's a brand new list of Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Spawning during this event in the wild, in Pokemon Raids, and in Pokemon Eggs, you'll find as wide and diverse a list of Shiny Pokemon as there's ever been. Here we're seeing not just bug Pokemon, not just flying Pokemon, but special edition PARTY Pokemon too!

We've gone through everything you should be doing over the next few days and weeks during the July event series in Pokemon GO. If you've not already done so, take a look at that big list of stuff to do in Pokemon GO and keep it by your side over the weekend! As for the Shiny part of this equation – let's take a peek right now!

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO right now

Starting on July 3, 2020, a set of Pokemon were released into Pokemon GO in Shiny form. As it's been in the past with Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, some of these Pokemon may've been in Pokemon GO before as Shiny Pokemon, and some may've never been Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO before.

The difference right now is that, during this event series, these Pokemon are far, far more common than they'd otherwise be in the game. Normally a Pokemon with a Shiny Pokemon in the game has a 0.2% (1/450) chance of spawning as a Shiny Pokemon for you. During an event such as this, the chance a "featured" Pokemon will appeared as a Shiny Pokemon is closer to 1.56% (1/64).

• Party Hat Bulbasaur

• Party Hat Charmander

• Party Hat Squirtle

• Pidgey / Pidgeotto / Pigeot

• Spearow / Fearow

• Flying, Floating Pikachu

• Zubat / Golbat / Crobat

• Ledyba / Ledian

• Yanma / Yanmega

• Wingull / Pelipper

• Swablu / Altaria

• Drifloon / Drifblim

• Pidove / Tranquill

• Ducklett / Swanna

Above you'll see a list of Pokemon that are featured Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. These Pokemon are most likely to appear as Shiny Pokemon when you see them spawn in the wild, hatch from an egg, or appear in a Raid Battle.

After the event series is done, most of these Pokemon will still have a small chance of appearing as Shiny Pokemon in the game – at that far, far lower rate of 1/450. The Party Pokemon will not appear in the game after this event series is done. The Party Pokemon will most likely stop appearing on July 8, 2020, while the other Shiny Pokemon on the list above COULD end up keeping higher Shiny Pokemon spawn rates through the rest of the month.