Shazam brings lyrics to Android Wear

The app known as Shazam receives an update which allows it to work with Android Wear devices, putting song lyrics on wrists. This update allows users to use some – not all, but some – of the functionality available with the full version of the Shazam app on smartphones. The Android Wear extension for this app allows users to see what's playing on My Shazam, as they're added to users' My Shazam Tracks playlist for connected Rdio or Spotify users – that's you.

What's the big deal with Shazam for Android Wear? The lyrics bit. With this system, you'll be able to watch lyrics pop up as a song is playing – on your wrist. That's pretty darn neat.

This update to Shazam will occur through the standard Shazam app. Once you update to the newest version of Shazam this week, you'll be able to sync up with your Android Wear device. Easy as that.

Have a peek at the newest Android Wear OS update as well, and make certain you attain this update through the standard Android Wear app for Android as quick as your taps will allow.