Sharp 7-Inch Galapagos And Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablets Clear FCC

Details of two compact Android tablets have turned up at the FCC, with both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Sharp 7-inch "EB-W71LJ-H" Galapagos slate crossing through testing. According to the FCC, the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab will have AT&T 3G support, unlike its 10.1-inch sibling which hit the market last month in WiFi-only form.

As for the Sharp slate, the FCC has few details of the Galapagos-branded slate, though the label diagram – shown above – does reveal a rear camera along with what looks like it could be an LED flash. The tapered edges obviously have plenty of ports and controls, too, though what exactly they are remains to be seen.

Samsung previously suggested that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 would arrive at some point over the summer, priced at $469 and $569 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively; there was no mention at the time of 3G support, so we're guessing those prices are for the WiFi-only variants. However, more recent talk of production delays over LCD screen issues have raised the suggestion that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 may be a little further out than expected.

The Sharp Galapagos EB-W71LJ-H tablet, meanwhile, is a whole lot more mysterious. Beyond its WiFi b/g/n connection we don't know much about it, including launch details. Previously, it was confirmed that the 10.1-inch and 5.5-inch Galapagos models already launched in Japan would arrive in the US and elsewhere in early 2011.

[via Android Community 1 (Samsung) and 2 (Sharp)]