Sense 5 Update Coming To Droid DNA Soon

If you use a Droid DNA smartphone you may been waiting for a while to find out exactly when the Sense 5 update Woodland. HTC and Verizon had previously promised that the update would land this summer. However, the duo never got specific with the launch window and summer is almost over.

While we still don't have an exact launch date, the Droid DNA support pages have been updated adding mentions of Sense 5. If the support pages have been updated to mention the new user interface, it must be coming soon.

Traditionally, the gap between updated support pages mentioning the device update and the update landing is short. However, Verizon has yet to officially confirm the update and tell us when it's coming. At this point all Verizon the saying is "Coming Soon."

The update will bring with it some improvements, expected to include the Quick Settings option. Also expected are new Gallery and BlinkFeed features as well. It remains unclear if the Droid DNA will get Sense 5 along with an update to Android 4.3 or if the device will remain on Android 4.2. The update for Android 4.3 was previously promised for this month.

SOURCE: Android Community