Sennheiser G4ME ZERO and ONE gaming headsets go black

Two of the most comfortable headsets for gaming on the market today have just gotten darker. When both the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO and Sennheiser G4ME ONE were delivered earlier this year, they were brought on in white with black and red accents. Today they're returning to form with black throughout, tapped with smooth red accents once again.

These headphones work with any device you've got that has a separate headphone and microphone port. Sennheiser also makes an adapter by the name of PCV 05 (SKU 504518) that'll cost you a cool $14.95 allowing you to turn two plugs into one.

This adapter allows you to use these headphones with devices like the Xbox One controller (supposing you've also got the new adapter from Microsoft, as well), and the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller.

Check our Sennheiser G4ME ONE gaming headset review from November of 2013 for a vision of what these beasts look and feel like. Imagine them in black and you'll see the future, as well.

The Sennheiser G4ME ONE will cost you $249.95 while the G4ME ZERO will run you $279.95 USD. These headphones – in white or in black – are available starting this week. These are our go-to headphones for game testing, and have been for over 5 months due to their high-quality sound and un-matched comfort in extended use.