Selfie for iPhone: Inception for the socially inept

Chris Burns - Sep 23, 2014, 4:16 pm CDT
Selfie for iPhone: Inception for the socially inept

When you sit on a bus or train headed to work – if that’s what you do – and you see everyone with their noses down in their smartphone business, what do you think? Do you think wow, it’d be great to have a conversation with these people, they’re my comrades! Of course not. That’s where this new “Selfie” app comes in.

The app goes by the name “Selfie for iPhone” in the iTunes app store. The team that make the app are called Selfie Inc., and they somehow grabbed hold of no less than – not even a .net or a .org, just com.

Could it be that this Selfie app is launching just in time for the Satechi Selfie Arm, or is it all just one big coincidence?

According to a chat with The Verge, the creators of this iPhone-based amalgamation of chat and app heard the term in a New York bar. There they’d never heard of the word before, and decided to keep it for themselves. This was well before the name was a widely accepted term for taking a photo of yourself – it was therefor possible for them to purchase the domain from its previous owner for an undisclosed sum (nothing that’d break the bank).


Hugh Dornbush and Alex Lasky present Selfie, an app ecosystem that basically amounts to Instagram videos that come alive and allow you to reply with your own videos. But they should be of yourself – a selfie, that is to say.

Don’t you dare reply with anything that isn’t a selfie! That’d be the worst!

When you do reply, you can make it public or private – you can also zoom out and see multiple conversations at once. The most interesting bit in Selfie is its UI, when it comes down to it.

Twitter or Instagram could learn a few things from the Selfie crew.

Have a peek at Selfie on the iTunes app store now and let us know what name you’re using. We’ll have a chat!

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