SEC investigating ex-HP Mark Hurd over insider info & expenses allegations

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd's departure from the company back in August, amid ongoing allegations that the ousted chief executive shared insider information before he left. According to the WSJ's sources, Hurd is suspected of having passed information about HP's $13.9 billion acquisition of tech-consulting firm Electronic Data Systems Corp. back in 2008 to an HP contractor.

That contractor, Jodie Fisher, was the same person to allege sexual misconduct claims against Hurd. The SEC is also looking into claims that Hurd falsified corporate expenses in an attempt to cover up his ongoing relationship with Fisher.

The SEC, Oracle – Hurd's new employer – and Fisher's legal representation have declined to comment on the news, though HP has confirmed that it "is cooperating fully with the SEC on its investigation."