Save your solar power; Tesla to announce home batteries on April 30

Lindsey Caldwell - Apr 21, 2015, 10:08 pm CDT
Save your solar power; Tesla to announce home batteries on April 30

The rumors are true. Tesla just “announced” that it will unveil new type of lithium-ion battery for homes and offices. In an email to investors, Tesla’s Jeffery Evanson said that the company will use its April 30th presentation to, “explain the advantages of our solutions and why past battery options were not compelling.” The innovative car company also plans to reveal a second, “very large” lithium-ion battery for large-scale utilities. Such a sizable battery would be idea for doomsday preppers and those wishing to stay “off the grid.”

The Tesla home battery could see some popularity among people who create their own electricity through solar panels. Currently, the only option to deal with a personal energy surplus is to divert it back into the main energy grid.

Since the enactment of the U.S. Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA), Americans can sell excess energy back to the grid. For those who are looking to hoard energy for their own later use, the Tesla home battery might be an apt choice.

Tesla is looking to rock the boat of the traditional energy market. It’s home battery could be able to supplement those using the main energy grid, but it could also allow more people to operate completely independently of the grid. The idea is too new for government regulators to step in, but you can be sure that they will try to take some kind of action once they realize their energy market income is on the line.

Source: Bloomberg Business

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