Sato USB Drive From The Solid Alliance

Apparently it's flash drive Friday, because I've managed to write up two in a row thus far. We'll see if I can toss in one more this afternoon. This one comes straight from the infamous Solid Alliance.

It may not be shiny, but its overly chunky Asian appearance is enough to get it pegged as cheesy. The characters usually are used in such a way that it looks more elegant rather than just outdated and cheap. Which is how it appears here.

I will admit that this doesn't make a too shabby keychain. The thumb drive is being sold for 29.00€ or about $45 for 1GB. Which is slightly more than a Mimobot would cost, so although it isn't available in the US, you can be comforted by the new Star Wars Mimobots.

[via akihabara]