Samsung's incoming Windows 8 notebook teased in brief video

We're just two short months away from the launch of Windows 8, and unsurprisingly, we're beginning to see Microsoft's manufacturing partners tease upcoming products. The latest is Samsung, which earlier this week released a video teasing its new Windows 8 notebook. When it comes to actually seeing the notebook, the video leaves something to be desired, but then again that's the entire point of a teaser isn't it?

However, there are a few brief glimpses of the new notebook to be found in the video, but most of it centers around making reference to Leonardo da Vinci. It's difficult to say with any certainty what this new device is, but it's entirely possible that it's a tablet/notebook hybrid instead of just a straight-up notebook. The few shots we see give us the feeling that it's the Samsung Series 7 Hybrid that we saw back at Computex in June, but hard to confirm considering that each shot is up-close and never long enough.

For what it's worth, the teaser is titled "Something Smart is Coming," which also suggests that this could be a tablet/notebook hybrid. Whatever it is, it's clear that Samsung thinks this is going to be big, as the video shows that Samsung considers this to be the next step in "the evolution of technology." The description of the video on YouTube says that a reveal is coming soon, which almost definitely means that Samsung will be showing this off at IFA 2012.

If that's the case, it would make sense that it is indeed the Series 7 Hybrid we're seeing in the video. When we saw it at Computex, the company didn't part with any pricing or release information, and there's a pretty good chance that information is coming at IFA 2012. Of course, given the nature of "the tease," we could be completely off. One thing is for sure, though: we don't have much longer to wait before we find out what Samsung is plotting, so keep an ear to SlashGear for more information!