Samsung Windows Phone 7 prototype spotted in wild

Satsuki Then - Aug 13, 2010
Samsung Windows Phone 7 prototype spotted in wild

Up until now, Samsung’s public Windows Phone 7 outings have been limited to the Omnia-based developers’ prototype we reviewed back in July.  Now what looks to be a commercially-headed device has broken cover, courtesy of Andrej Tozon; his friend Matjaz Sircelj is Technical Community Manager at Microsoft, and gave him some hands-on access.

Andrej can’t say much about the Samsung handset, bar the fact that it’s a prototype from the company and that it’s “larger than your ordinary phone“.  Aesthetically it doesn’t particularly stand out either, being a basic large-screen candybar with the regular Windows Phone 7 UI.

Now, this could be just another device Samsung are using to test Windows Phone 7 development, or it could be an early version of one they intend to launch later in the year.  Microsoft has confirmed that Samsung plans to be among the first out of the gate with a WP7 handset, with the new OS expected to launch in October in Europe and the following month in North America.

[via CoolSmartPhone]

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