Samsung Wave II S8530 pops up in the wild

Chris Davies - Oct 8, 2010
Samsung Wave II S8530 pops up in the wild

Samsung’s new Wave II S8530 has shown up in the wild, complete with the latest bada 1.2 OS and a larger display than its Wave S8500 predecessor.  HDBlog grabbed some hands-on time, finding the switch from 3.3-inch Super AMOLED to 3.7-inch Super LCD means the Wave II is thicker than the old model.

The new version of bada, meanwhile, is said to be “identical” to what you’ll find on the Wave S8500, which doesn’t exactly bode well.  Previous reports over a leaked version of 1.2 suggested there were speed performance improvements, which hopefully we’ll see on the original Wave since Samsung intend to roll the update OS out to the S8500 at some point.

New hardware and software aside, it doesn’t bypass the fact that we’re still not certain there’s actually a place for bada in the smartphone line-up.  Samsung’s persistence with Android, meanwhile, suggests that at least some people internally might feel the same way.

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