Samsung vs Apple S. Korea has iPhone maker come out on top

Chris Burns - Dec 12, 2013, 10:52am CST
Samsung vs Apple S. Korea has iPhone maker come out on top

There are a massive number of Apple vs Samsung and Samsung vs Apple court cases going on in the world today, and more still having appeared in the recent past. What we’re seeing this week is a single South Korean case ending with Apple winning over Samsung, the Galaxy smartphone maker not able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the iPhone maker violated a number of technology patents. This ruling took place in a Seoul Central District Court and showed that at least three Samsung patents were not violated.

This ruling showed that Apple did not violate three patents for technologies that included multi-tasking whilst writing text messages in an array of apps. Samsung brought Apple to court to prove they’d infringed upon these patents with their iPhone over the past several years. This is just one of several patent battles Apple and Samsung are currently embroiled in with a number of unrelated battles raging around the world.

This ruling saw that two patents could not be accepted as Samsung’s own unique technologies while the third was seen as different enough between the two companies implementation that no infringement would be found.

A ruling set in 2012 showed Samsung to violate a number of patents owned by Apple, bringing a massive set of damages in favor of the latter. A full list of devices and the damages they inflicted therein was released in August of 2012. A portion of these damages were brought to court here in 2013 with a final verdict reducing the amount Samsung owed. Not by one whole heck of a lot, but reducing their over-a-billion in damages to closer to $888 million in the end.

VIA: XinHauNet

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