Samsung Unpacked Teaser Hints at Galaxy S II Upgrade [Update: VIDEO]

What we've been lucky enough to get a glimpse of today is a teaser video for Samsung's "Unpacked" event at IFA 2011 in Berlin. The video at this very moment appears to have been switched back to Private, but what we've seen is essentially a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S II "light" videos which incidentally revealed to us our very first look at the Galaxy S II back in February. What we're basically betting the farm on here is that this is a slightly updated version of the Samsung Galaxy S II that's able to work with 4G LTE bands.

Before the video was set to private, we noticed a bit of text below the video. Checking for a cached version of the video turned up a bit of text. This text does not explicitly say what this new revelation is, but "something big" could mean several things. First, it could mean that they're expanding the screen size of the Galaxy S II to 4.5-inches. We've seen the Infuse 4G working with a 4.5-inch display here in the USA and it's fabulous, certainly not too large to be called overly gigantic as its been called several time by the haters in the peanut gallery. Second, big could just refer to the idea that the announcement itself is big. Third, they could just have some completely new device we've never seen or heard of before, but that's doubtful.

Something Big Is Coming! Join us at SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED 2011 Episode II, Sketches of Your Desire, on September 1st, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. You can also download UNPACKED application from Samsung Apps and Androidâ„¢ Market.

September 1st, 2011 is the day we're going to find out, and yes we will be in Berlin for the big event, so stay tuned to SlashGear for all the most up to the minute news on the event and all the events surrounding IFA 2011! Meanwhile keep those guesses coming as to what you think this device is going to be – or how fast it's going to go!

Also check out our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S II as it stands right now if you just can't wait!

UPDATE: our sister site Android Community got their hands on the video and you can take a peek at it here:

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