Samsung SDI flexible solid state battery development underway

Not to be left in the dust by the likes of LG's continued exploration of the many fanciful ways batteries can be arranged in a smartphone, Samsung has appeared exploring the furtherance of the technology behind solid state batteries in Korea. Owing partially to the idea that these solid state batteries have a far smaller chance of overheating, for one, and perhaps making way for more flexy smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy round in the future, the manufacturer has appeared pushing the little-used battery tech forward.

Word from the Economic Review has Samsung SDI, the green concious rechargeable battery group responsible for developing lithium ion batteries as a venture division, taking part in the COEX Republic of Korea Energy Show 2013. There they spoke up on solid-state lithium-ion batteries taking the place of current non-liquid electrolyte solutions.

Samsung SDI suggests that these new batteries will be able to work in flexible devices in the near future. They say these devices will also have little to no risk of damage from fire or explosion – as is the case with some current battery solutions in mobile devices. It's suggested that the work needed to bring this solid-state battery solution up to speed (making them powerful enough for smartphones to use) will be ready to roll by 2015.

Speaking on the recent releases of devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear or Google Glass, the team suggested that the amount of curve in the batteries will be increased in this next-generation solution. With the solid-state battery solution, batteries will be able to fit into even odder-shaped devices, making the wearables universe even more diverse than it is today.

VIA: GforGames