Samsung rumored to have two Tizen phones in the works

The initial, and to be honest, quite unexpected success of Samsung's first Tizen smartphone inspired some speculation that the OEM would immediately follow up the Samsung Z1 with a successor. Two months have passed with nary a word, perhaps overshadowed by the Galaxy S6 and its sibling. Now, however, the rumors are back and this time, word is that there might actually be two Tizen devices on the way, one that is a slight upgrade and another one with more formidable specs.

The Samsung Z1 is no Galaxy S6, that's for sure. A low budget device with a relatively unknown mobile platform didn't really produce much expectation in the market. So when it sold 100,000 units in India in a month, Samsung was said to have been inspired to carry on. That said, users want more, and by that they meant more power. And Samsung might be only too happy to deliver to keep its Tizen relevant with this crowd.

The Samsung Z2, as it is being nicknamed for now, is expected to double the CPU cores, now with a quad-core processor. RAM would finally reach 1 GB this time around. Still no word on the size of the screen, but like before, it is rumored to hold 960x540 pixels, or qHD, for short. That definitely still qualifies it as somewhat on the mid-range, but it's at least a step up from the Z1.

But now there's a rumor that there might actually be a different global version, one that is also being called the Samsung Z2, which will probably cause confusion. Why? Because this global Tizen smartphone would actually overshadow the Z2 we detailed above. The CPU is still a quad-core one, though presumably more powerful. RAM is doubled at 2 GB and storage at 8 GB. Battery is also larger at 2,600 mAh. But perhaps the most interesting part is that there would be 4.8-inch HD display, or Full HD depending on which source you ask. We're presuming the former, given the rest of the specs.

As to when these smartphones will become reality, still no word on that one. Considering how long it took Samsung to actually put out its first Tizen phone, we won't be holding our breaths yet anytime soon.

VIA: Tizen Experts