Tizen Samsung Z2 rumored to be coming soon with qHD screen

JC Torres - Feb 18, 2015, 7:42am CST
Tizen Samsung Z2 rumored to be coming soon with qHD screen

Emboldened by its unexpected success with the Tizen-bearing Samsung Z1 in India, Samsung is now reported to be stepping on the gas pedal. The Samsung Z2, which is what the next iteration may or should be called, might just be around the corner, months ahead of schedule. And while the rumor mill is still silent on juicy details, development on the Tizen OS itself seems to hold hints that the next smartphone will be able to support a slightly higher resolution of 960×540 pixels.

We can’t be blamed if we expected the Samsung Z1 to fail, if not miserably, given Samsung’s two previous attempts at launching a Tizen smartphone, first in Japan, then in Russia. The OS itself wasn’t terribly exciting and the way Samsung skinned it, you might have mistaken it for a heavily themed Android, which Samsung is notorious for. The hardware was also lackluster, squarely in the range of budget smartphones.

But it was perhaps that very same combination of a new OS, brand recognition, and dirt cheap price tags that turned the tables around. It was a surprise, perhaps even for Samsung, that the Z1 would sell well. In India, it sold 100,000 units in less than a month, while in Bangladesh it went for 20,000 devices in an even shorter time frame. Not wanting to let the trail go cold, Samsung is now said to be somewhat scrambling to get a successor out the door quickly, one with supposedly better specs.

What those specs would be, no one knows yet. At least, in theory, it should be better than the Z1’s 4-inch WVGA display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 768 MB RAM, 4 GB storage, and 1,500 mAh battery. One clue, however, comes from Tizen itself. The OS just recently got an update that added support for qHD resolutions in the emulator. Like Windows Phone, which initially supported very limited resolutions, the addition of a new resolution most likely heralds the arrival, or at the very least the development, of a new device with that very feature.

So when will the Samsung Z2 come out? No rumor on that yet, but it will probably not within the next few weeks as Samsung will want attention to be focused on the Galaxy S6.


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