Samsung registers trademarks for Galaxy Iris and Galaxy Eyeprint

Samsung has filed for some new trademarks for product names that could be for features rather than for new products. The two trademarks were filed for in the US and South Korea and are for Galaxy Iris and Galaxy Eyeprint. Samsung recently launched a tablet in India called the Galaxy Tab Iris that was focused on biometric iris security for registering children for government assistance programs.

Both of the trademarks were filed for on May 12, 2016 and don't appear to have been granted yet. The two terms are already trademarked in Europe. Presumably, the iris scanning technology Samsung integrated into the cheap Galaxy Tab Iris tablet in India will be coming to products in other counties. If the iris-scanning tech is easier to use and more dependable than scanning fingerprints it would be a welcome addition to Samsung devices.

That Galaxy Tab Iris launched in India is a modest tablet also intended to support biometric security requirements for banks. The 7-inch tablet has a 5MP rear camera that can scan documents and weighs 327g. It's 9.7mm thick and has integrated Bluetooth 4.1 and 8GB of internal storage. The battery is a 3600 mAh unit with a 1.2GHz quad core chipset and 1.5GB of RAM. In India, the tablet is priced at the equivalent of $125.

Recently rumors have been floating around that Samsung may change its naming convention for the Galaxy Note. The next Note should be called the Galaxy Note 6 if the current naming convention is followed. Rumors suggest that Samsung will call the device the Galaxy Note 7 instead to bring it to par, at least in name, with the Galaxy S7 line of smartphones. Samsung has an event today that is expected to show a new version of the Galaxy S7, possibly that Galaxy S7 Active that has popped up a few times.

SOURCE: Galaxy Club