Samsung phone reservation registration opens for your next device

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The next Samsung Unpacked event has a reservation registration page open now for users interested in what's not yet been revealed. Devices most likely headed to this event include the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, as well as the newest Samsung Galaxy watch. It's a strange time we live in, here in the summer of 2021, where it's pretty standard to register your interest in the possibility that you might want to buy a product that's not yet been officially revealed to the public in its entirety – weird!

The page Samsung's released for "The Next Galaxy" allows a user to "reserve now" and attach their name and email to a few bonus bits if they decide to buy a new device when said device is revealed at the Samsung Event. This event is set to take place in August – the active Reserve page is meant to get users in the mood for eventual purchase of a device.

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If you "reserve" with this page, you'll get "up to an extra $100 trade-in credit." Given the "up to" part, it's entirely possible that any device trade-in a user decides to initiate COULD just be worth the same amount it would've been worth regardless of this reserve page.

This reserve page gives the user their first 12 months of Samsung Care+ for free – after which they'll be obligated to pay the standard subscription fee. Users that sign up on this page will also get an "extra, special offer towards Galaxy products during pre-order." That'll likely be an amount of credit (money not good anywhere other than in this one purchase) the user can cut from the full price of the product.

Signing up with this page shouldn't obligate you, the user, to anything other than the knowledge that you've given Samsung your name and email. You can also give them your ZIP code and phone number so they can send you text messages, if you wish. You could even go so far as to tap the box below the reserve button to allow Samsung to send you promotional emails – how many people do you think tap that box?

The event at which the next Galaxy products will be revealed is August 11, 2021. It'll be broadcast on, and we'll be releasing all the info in easy-to-read and up-close-and-personal format here on SlashGear as well.