Samsung Pay PayPal support starts rolling out in US

Last year, Samsung announced that it had struck a partnership with PayPal, one that would bring the latter service to its mobile payment platform. Samsung Pay users in the US have waited over the months since for the support to actually arrive, and that day has finally come. Many Samsung Pay users in the US are seeing PayPal listed as a supported option.READ: Samsung Pay rewards points slashed in half

Samsung Pay users had expected that PayPal support would be available last year when the announcement was made, but that wasn't the case.

Weeks turned into months without the support arriving, and Samsung remained quiet about the absence. In recent days, though, users have started receiving an update that adds the PayPal support.

Once it arrives, users can find the new support in the "Add" section of the Samsung Pay app. Within it, the "Add payment card" section includes a new link that reads "Add PayPal." Tap that and the app will take you to PayPal, where you'll have to log into your account.

After the user adds their account, the PayPal balance will be available to pay for transactions. The account will be eligible for Samsung Rewards as with other payment cards. Samsung notes that it could take users a couple days to see the PayPal option show up after updating.

SOURCE: 9to5Google