Samsung Pay rewards points slashed in half

The rewards points program Samsung introduced for Samsung Pay users around a year ago has quietly — and drastically — changed. The company has cut the reward points in half, dropping the rewards its users get for using Samsung's mobile payment platform. Samsung Pay's rewards are still dished out in tiers, but each tier is now worth 50% of what it used to be.

Samsung Pay rewards usage by giving all users a base "member" tier of points, which was 10 points per purchase made with the mobile payment platform; the amount increased by ten points in each of the next tiers, which are based on the number of purchases the user makes per month with the app.

Under the old arrangement, the number of points maxed out at 40 per purchase in the "Platinum" tier. However, users in recent days have noticed that the point levels have suddenly decreased by 50% in each tier. Users now start with 5 points per purchase in the "member" tier and max out at 20 points in the "Platinum" tier.

The change was a quiet one — it doesn't appear Samsung has made any specific announcements revealing the drop in rewards points. It's a substantial decrease, however, literally doubling the time it takes users to redeem their favorite rewards at the same usage level. Points can be exchanged for gift cards and more.

That said, Samsung Pay still remains a decent option for shoppers who make their purchases with a debit card rather than a credit card. Whereas many credit cards come with their own rewards, debit cards usually don't have any special perks, and so Samsung Pay Rewards is a nice alternative to using a credit card in that regard.

SOURCE: Android Police