Samsung NC20 gets video unboxing

We've already heard enough about the Samsung NC20 to perk our interest – HD support and 6hrs runtime out of the box will do that – but it's taken until now to see the 12.1-inch budget ultraportable appear on video.  NetbookNews have an impromptu unboxing and some early first impressions of the NC20; benchmarks will follow, but for now Sascha tells us that "the Intel Atom got a real competitor."


Check out the NC20 unboxing video after the cut

That's all down to the NC20's new processor and chipset pairing.  Unlike the NC10, which used Intel's Atom 1.6GHz N270 processor, Samsung turned to VIA and their new Nano U2250 processor and the VX800 chipset.

The exact capabilities of the Nano have been hotly contested since its announcement, with the company vying with Intel for the "best netbook multimedia cruncher" crown.  The Samsung NC20 could be our first chance to really see the U2250 in action; we already know it's good for 720p video at a CPU load of just 30 to 50-percent, while 1080p playback prompts CPU peaks of just 80-percent.

Until we have the benchmarks, enjoy the unboxing!