Samsung N510 unboxed; Ion performance tested against NC10

Samsung may be delaying their N510 Ion-based netbook in the US, but someone in Germany obviously didn't get the same memo.  NetbookNews has not only unboxed the 11.6-inch notebook but thrown up some comparison shots between it and the smaller Samsung NC10.  There's also some demo footage showing HD video performance of both systems side-by-side, in case you're really wondering what difference the GeForce GPU makes.Demo video after the cut

The specs of the N510 are unchanged from what we've heard before, which means you get Intel's N270 Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard-drive.  There's also WiFi a/b/g and Bluetooth in this particular demo model, while connectivity is the usual clutch of USB and memory card readers with the stand-out addition of an HDMI port.

Neat design decisions on Samsung's part mean that the RAM and hard-drive are both readily accessible courtesy of the panel underneath.  No benchmarking as yet, but the N510 is racking up a score of 2.2 in the Vista experience index.