Samsung N310 gets video hands-on

We must confess, the first round of Samsung N310 photos we saw didn't exactly fill us with lust.  Not rubbery enough to be properly rugged, and not innovative enough to stand apart from the crowds of other netbooks on the market, the N310 rocks its curvy casing and Atom N270 processor but doesn't carve much of a niche.  It's an opinion this Blogeee hands-on video does nothing to diminish.

Blogeee seem a little more accommodating toward the N310 however.  It's apparently lighter and sleeker in the rubber than the photos might suggest, and the size is no larger than a Samsung NC10.  It scores points for having a user-accessible RAM slot, too, and the anti-reflective coating for the display seems to work reasonably.

Still, we've a feeling that the mainstream specifications of the Samsung N310 will continue to frustrate long after the aesthetic flourishes lose their charm.  We expect more from our netbooks these days than the basic N270/160GB/1GB.