Samsung GT-S7500 image leaked

There appears to be a new Android powered smartphone on the way from Samsung, one so small it'd have to be a mid-range phone, and with a button in the center front so large it'd have to be internationally bound. The only image of the device so far is very low-resolution, so it's difficult to determine it's exact dimensions. Other than the model number, there's not much shown of the new phone.

It's clear that is has the standard set of Android app icons, but it's unknown at this time what version of the Android OS it's running or what it's specs might be. Design wise, it seems to be keeping in line with it's older sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S, however in a smaller screen size and with a lower resolution screen. With the naming scheme for Samsung running from Y to M to S as announced earlier this year, we've got to guess that this'll end up closer to the Young side.

Here in the USA, we might never see such a device as we've already got such gems as the Samsung Dart, but you never know! What fabulous magic does this tiny handset hold? It appears to have a camera with flash, but it's defining features/characteristics are still a mystery. We'll find out soon!

[via Sammy Hub]