Samsung Gear S4 release to battle Apple Watch : Report

This week the folks at Samsung revealed the Galaxy Note 8 and are tipped to release a new Samsung Gear watch in the near future. A report released earlier today suggests that Samsung will launch a brand new smartwatch during IFA 2017. This event will likely happen during the event series in a Samsung-centric event in Berlin.

Rumors suggest that Apple's next event could happen in two weeks from now. If true, an unveiling of Samsung's next Gear smartwatch would come just one week before Apple's next Apple Watch. That is, if Apple's history dictates the releases of the near future.

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An interview with CNBC gave the tip straight from the President of Samsung's mobile division. That is DJ Koh, who said that "If we can put in place properly a smartwatch that can monitor everything for your health and provide the information, then the market will grow." He continued, "Today's sensors do not look like enough."

Koh asserted that the next Gear S series watch will be launched at IFA next week. This is the event where Samsung originally revealed their now-headlining Galaxy Note series. Since then, the Galaxy Note split off into its own top-tier events, while Samsung's IFA appearances revealed less massive devices.

The Samsung Gear S started its journey at IFA 2014. Back then, the device was wild and weird – what with its curved display and physical home button. Below you'll see our original hands-on experience with the Samsung Gear S.

The Gear S2 became circular and was delivered with a stack more finesse than the original. Have a peek at our Gear S2 Review to check it out. In 2016, Samsung revealed the Gear S3, once again at IFA in Berlin.

The Samsung Gear S3 came with a slightly more rugged appearance and a collection of key abilities that made it entirely unique. This device had LTE connectivity inside (with a SIM card), Samsung Pay access, and no need for a smartphone.

This year we're expecting something similar. There aren't many other places for a smartwatch to go at this point – no massive advances have been made in the field over the past year. None that this reporter is aware of, anyway.

Have a peek at our Samsung Gear S3 hands-on from last year at this time. And prepare yourself for another Apple Watch competitor in the very near future.