Samsung Gear S2 iOS Compatibility Coming This Year

When the original Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch was revealed, it wasn't prepared for the full collection of smartphones on the market. Android and Tizen would work, sure, but not the most popular smartphone on the planet – the iPhone. Now, according to Samsung representatives speaking at CES 2016, they're going to be bringing iOS compatibility to the Samsung Gear S2 by the end of the year. "This year" they said.

As far back as the first launch of the Samsung Gear S2, Samsung was supposed to be looking at how possible it would be to connect their Tizen platform to iOS devices. It would appear that the time is getting ripe.

Samsung Gear S2 Review

In addition to showing off two new Gear S2 classic models this week, this cross-platform play is another good hit for Samsung in their play for keeping Tizen a viable place for developers to create apps and smart experiences.

Android Wear works with iPhone, Samsung's Gear S2 and future Tizen smartwatches need to do that, too.

Now if only we could see the extra-simplification of app transfer from one platform to the other.

For now, it's not clear which apps will be able to link to the iPhone from the Gear S2 at all. We shall see.