Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro pre-order comes with this freebie

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Before IFA 2017 even started, Samsung already hit the mobile market strong with the Galaxy Note 8. But that didn't mean it didn't have anything to show for the gadget loving crowd in Berlin. Part of its focus was on wearables, announcing not one, not even two, but three fitness-minded companions for your smartphone. It has just kicked off the pre-order for one of those, the Gear Fit2 Pro tracker, and, if you get it early, you can have a Bixby-enabled headphone as well.

Overshadowed by the impending announcement of the Galaxy Note 8, the Samsung U Flex wireless headphone almost flew under the radar. The neckband design, after all, is no longer so novel that each new such headphone would immediately be noticed. One thing it did have that no other Samsung U headphones before it had was Bixby. No, it didn't run Bixby inside, of course. It simply tied into the Galaxy S8 or, soon, the Galaxy Note 8.

The Samsung U Flex retails for $59.99 but there's a way for you to get it for absolutely nothing. You will, however, have to quickly put in a pre-order for a Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, which costs $199.99. Samsung says it's a time limited promo and doesn't give a hint whether it will end before the tracker ships mid September. So if you were planning on getting a Gear Fit2 Pro anyway, now might be a good time to do so.

The Gear Fit2 Pro, as the name clearly suggests, is the "Pro" version of Samsung's smart fitness trackers. By which it means the addition of built-in GPS, making it the near perfect companion for all sorts of activity. Even swimming, thanks to its 5 ATM water proofing.

The Gear Fit2 Pro debuted alongside the Gear Sport smartwatch and the Gear IconX wireless earbuds, the latter with Bixby support as well. While the hardware was certainly the focus of the announcement, Samsung also placed due emphasis on the string of partnerships it made with fitness services and apps to help make more sense of all the data those devices accumulate.