Samsung Galaxy S6: every detail we know

Chris Burns - Feb 23, 2015, 1:01 pm CST
Samsung Galaxy S6: every detail we know

In just a few days, Samsung will reveal their next smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. We know that. We can also readily guess at the idea that there’ll be two models – the other model will have a curved display, not unlike the Galaxy Note Edge. The rest of the details we’re able to gather come from images of the device(s) and clues left by Samsung. The rumors we’ll be leaving to the rumor posts today. Or back last week, that is to say.

We’ve seen what the Galaxy S6 might look like in renders. We’ve heard what apps the Galaxy S6 might carry. We’ve even seen supposed images of the Galaxy S6’s metal frame.

What we don’t know is the final specifications of this device – or these devices. The first video you’re going to see here gives some idea of how Samsung will be marketing their next wave.

“Tomorrow metals will flow. Beauty will be powerful. Borders will disappear. Reflections will be free.”

If that’s not Samsung making absolutely clear that their next device will have metal in its body and/or around its edges, we’re not sure what’s up. Borders will disappear? That’s likely word on the edges of the “Edge” model folding down along the sides.

“Colors will live. The future will be the present.”

Multiple colors for this generation, and not just for the lesser models. The highest-end Galaxy S6 models will have colors as well. That or they’re just talking about their high-end displays again.

The image you see here comes from T-Mobile USA. They’ve basically revealed the entire device here, showing how the edges of the Galaxy S6 – and/or the Edge – are folded over the sides. Almost as if they’re spilling over.


There’s also a front-facing camera here, a power button at the right side, and a home button in its normal place. It’ll be interesting to see how this device docks.

March 1st we’ll be in Barcelona to see this Samsung Galaxy S6 revealed. This is Samsung Unpacked, the largest event of the entire event series at Mobile World Congress 2015. Join us through our Samsung tag portal for more.

If you’ve read through this entire article and just want to cut to the chase – if you’d just like rumored specifications – head to the timeline below. All you desire can be found!

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