Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport gets Active with a new name

Chris Burns - Jun 23, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport gets Active with a new name

There’s another Samsung Active smartphone headed to the market, this one with another new name. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resistant, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is IP67 water and dust resistant, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is – essentially the same as the Active. It would appear that it’s time to return to the age in which the same device gets different names on different carriers – so says Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport will be delivered in both Electric Blue and Cherry Red this summer. Inside you’ll find the same specifications as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, a device that you’ll find out on AT&T this summer as well.

Apps coming exclusive to the Galaxy S5 Sport are the only difference between it and its Active sibling – save colors. You’ll find a “Sprint Fit Live” app inside with “access to fitness applications and activities.” In essence we’re seeing an extension of the Samsung S Health app, also coming standard with the smartphone.


This device will be delivered with deals involving the Samsung Gear Fit, a device we’ve reviewed earlier this year. Have a peek at our recent peek at the Galaxy S5 Active, and also see our Galaxy S5 Review from earlier this year for an extended vision of the hardware!

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