Samsung Galaxy S4 prototype case gets fat and sharp

All the way from China we're having a glance at a set of prototype cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, a smartphone device that's set to be unveiled in just a week's time. As it is quite often with releases such as this, the Samsung Galaxy S IV (or S4, whichever you like) is said to have had its basic physical specifications leaked to case-makers so that they might create protective bits and pieces for the hardware available when the device launches. While this situation can sometimes give us a healthy dose of early understanding, it can just as easily be a completely false scent – so keep that in mind!

The cases you see above come from MobileGeeks where they've gotten information from the case manufacturers themselves on the origin of the design. As the folks at MyLiving have let it be known that they've gotten information on the build of the Galaxy S4 straight from Foxconn, there is a real possibility that they are, indeed, legitimate. Foxconn is a manufacturing chain that over the past few years has become famous for putting together some of the most high-profile gadgets in the mobile industry.

What we can glean from these cases (the two black cases, that is), is that this Galaxy S machine may be working with a slightly less organic look than the Galaxy S III had. The salmon-colored case above is made for a Galaxy S III and the blue device to the left of the whole pack is, indeed, a Galaxy S III in the flesh. The Galaxy S4 appears to be essentially the same height as the Galaxy S III with a bit more bulk around the edges and, though you can't tell from this photo, both cases appear to be made for devices with essentially the same thickness.

Several elements wash over from the Galaxy S III like the necessity for three holes right up top of the back on the case – one for a camera lens, one for a camera flash, the third for a speaker. The appearance of a power button hole on the case in the same place and the volume button also appearing in essentially the same space on the opposite side of the phone are also really rather indicative of Samsung sticking to its guns with how they intend you to tap on this smartphone.

You'll also notice that these case designs bear exceeding resemblance to the cases leaked last month courtesy of MobileFun. Either this is what the Galaxy S4 will be shaped like, or there's a real trickster out there poking fun at the case manufacturers one by one – we shall see!

Have a peek at the timeline below of Samsung Galaxy S4 articles from the past week or so to make sure you're all up to speed on everything that's known – and what's about to be known, too. The big event for the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes place on the 14th of March – we'll be there with bells on, so follow along all day!