Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Android 11 update (with LineageOS)

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (or Galaxy S II, if you prefer,) works with Android 11 based on LineageOS 18.1 right this minute. The update was released in an earlier form at the tail end of last year, for the most intrepid and brave developers working on the fringe of code life. Now you'll be able to load this software with confidence – if you're confident in the developers behind the project.

The Samsung Galaxy SII is one of an array of devices that are now able to work with Android 11, the latest version of the software before the Developer Preview. If you have a Google Pixel device, you could, potentially, run Android 12 Developer Preview 1. If you're running one of a surprisingly large number of devices on the big LineageOS 18 list, you could be running Android 11 soon.

It was December of 2020 that we first saw a version of LineageOS 18.1 available for the average user. XDA Developers made clear that the Samsung Galaxy SII was ready to roll with this software for the brave. This makes the Samsung Galaxy SII the oldest Android device still getting software updates, per the Android 11 custom rom list (also at XDA Developers.

The Samsung Galaxy SII attained this spot of honor back in early 2020*. At that time, the previous hero of software updates was the HTC HD2. It would appear that this device has, at long last, reached its end-of-days for major software upgrades. *TECHNICALLY the record was beat back when the Galaxy SII got the update to Android Marshmallow in 2019, but with the 2020 update to Android 11, that lead was solidified.

Are you using an older phone? When's the last time your old phone (older than 3 years, for example), got an official update from its manufacturer? Is it a Samsung phone? Do you believe we'll get four years of updates with devices released in the near future?