Samsung Galaxy S III hands-on with device-exclusive sharing

This week we've gotten the opportunity to take a peek at both the AT&T and the T-Mobile versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III, and in our exploration of said phone, its become apparent that Samsung wants everyone to do one thing: share! Three different sharing abilities will be explored here, each of them exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S III in part or in whole. The first of these is S-Beam, Samsung's NFC-laden wireless transfer feature, while the other two rely on Wi-fi signals to make their abilities seem magic.


Samsung is using S-Beam to promote the Galaxy S III all around the world for this reason: it's really pretty awesome. It's certainly not a unique ability in the smartphone universe, with even Microsoft showing off how Windows Phone 8 will have a similar ability soon, but Samsung has definitely done it right here with this device. Watch as one image is transferred from one Galaxy S III to the other with a touch, a connection made, and wireless transfer.

AllShare Play

Next is Samsung's Wi-fi and cloud-based ecosystem going by the name AllShare Play. This application opens to a connection to SugarSync, that cloud storage service giving you 5GB free right out of the box. If you've got another device connected to AllShare Play inside the same Wi-fi network and on the same account, you'll see it appear on your AllShare Play screen as well. From here you're able to see, transfer, and stream files from any device (or SugarSync) whenever you wish.

Also included in this system is Group Cast which allows you to have several devices connected to one another with a mirrored presentation showing the same on each screen. The example we use here in the video above is a simple photo gallery – simple and fun!

Camera Sharing with Share Shot and Buddy Photo Share

Face detection plays an important role here with the Galaxy S III with both Share Shot and Buddy Photo Share. Inside your built-in camera application here on the Galaxy S III you'll have a couple of Shooting Mode options, both of them connected to your friends for photo sharing goodness. Buddy Photo Share will have your camera detecting the friends you've photographed based on their facial features, prompting you then to email each of them with the photo you've taken attached.

Share Shot works with Wi-fi direct connect between you and any number of Samsung Galaxy S III devices in your Wi-fi area. Once you're connected, you'll go to Share Shot and select the friends you want to share with and from that point on, each photo you take will be automatically transferred to their gallery – so everyone taking photos in the group will get all the photos taken by everyone.

Wrap-Up and Reviews

These features are all included in our full review of the Galaxy S III for T-Mobile and AT&T, and you can also find more information on the device in our full review of the International Edition Galaxy S III as well. Check the timeline below for more Galaxy S III news bits as well!