Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread ROM leaks

Chris Davies - Mar 1, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread ROM leaks

Samsung has already promised Gingerbread for the Galaxy S sometime this month, but what looks to be the official build has already leaked out. SmartDroid caught an Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S in the wild, complete with TouchWiz 4 – the updated version of Samsung’s custom UI – though it’s still described as a beta. It’s also only for the original GT-i9000 (i.e. the untampered European version), so anybody with a Galaxy S family device in North America will have to wait.

Among the changes Samsung are expected to have made with Gingerbread is a switch to the EXT4 file system. Up until now, the Galaxy S has used RFS, which is significantly slower, and can introduce lag and freezes as the smartphone accesses its storage. As ever, installing ROMs – especially those downloaded from non-official sources – can leave you with a bricked phone, so those of a nervous disposition should probably wait until Samsung’s official (and final) release.

[via Android Community]

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